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REVIT ARCHITECTURE Software Training in Qatar

img The aim of the Autodesk Revit Architecture Advanced course is to allow delegates to develop on their existing knowledge of Building Information Modelling through learning a range of advanced modelling, massing, analysis and visualisation tools. The training moves onto site design tools, design options, family creation and editing and advance collaborative techniques.

The main objective of this Revit Architecture Advanced Training is to give participants an in-depth understanding of the techniques and tools required to create complex designs and renderings using Autodesk Revit Architecture.

This course builds on the principles introduced in the Revit Architecture for New Users course, covering a broad range of advanced topics. Delegates are given the opportunity to complete a series of hands-on exercises to learn about site design, phasing and design options, advanced rendering techniques and creating families of customized objects and components.
This course is to teach students the powerful tools and advanced techniques for creating complex designs and professional-looking renderings, creating conceptual designs, creating and customizing objects, and collaborating on designs with other team members using Revit Architecture.
This course is designed for experienced users of Revit Architecture.

Starting the Project
Project Origin, Levels and Grids
Establishing a Starting View
Setting up Annotation Standards
Template Files
Title blocks
Title block Stamp
View Titles
Section Tags
Callout Bubbles

Linking Revit Files
Linking Revit
Copy-Monitor and Coordination Review

Site Tools
Preparing AutoCAD
Linking AutoCAD into Revit
Top surface
Sub region and Split Surface
Site Component
Tagging Slopes and Elevations
Graded Top surface

Massing Study
Applying Walls to the Mass
Mass Floor Schedule
Presenting Mass Design on a Sheet

Stacked Walls
Wall Joins
Join and Cut Geometry

Making and Editing Stair Types
Editing the Sketch
Rails Placement
Making and Editing Ramp Types
Parking Garage Ramps Using Floors

Grouping Component
Inserting Groups
Editing Groups

Creating Assemblies
Modifying Assemblies

Families and Parameters
Defining Families and Parameters

Area Schedules
Filtering, Sorting and Grouping
Formatting and Appearance
Calculated Parameters and Formulas

Sharing Your Work
Work-sharing Setup
Using Work-sharing

Our Value Added Services

Revit Architecture Advanced Course Manual
Architecture Advanced Level Practical Training
Experienced & Certified Faculty
30 Hours Course Completion Certificate


REVIT - Architecture

  24 - Jul - 2020
  6:00 PM - 09:00 PM
  Friday Only (30 Hrs)

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