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Certified Facility Manager® CFM Course Training in Qatar

imgThe Certified Facility Manager® (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers.

IFMA’s certification process is designed to assess competency in the field through work experience, education and the ability to pass a comprehensive exam that covers 11 competencies that make up the facility management body of knowledge. Since the program began in 1992, more than 3,100 facility managers from 32 countries have achieved this prestigious recognition.

IFMA is committed to conducting periodic global job task analyses to ensure that the facility management body of knowledge encompasses current knowledge, best practices, and trends in facility management. This process ensures that the CFM aligns with global facility management practices and remains the most prestigious facility management credential.
“You have a great job. Your employer is rock solid. Your last performance rating was excellent and the future looks bright. One day, you go to work and your job no longer exists. It happens easier and faster than you can imagine.

When you enter a tight job market, what will distinguish you from the crowd? Employers look for leaders and demonstrated skill in an area of practice. Your CFM shows you have the interest and skill in facility management to be the best. It shows you have the tenacity to keep those skills sharp year after year.

What better example of leadership than to choose to be the best and advertise it.

When I entered the job market after years with the same job, I was very concerned about my marketability. How could I be sure my skills would translate to a new place and were they even still valid in the current market? By becoming a CFM and maintaining the designation, I was forced to update my skills yearly to keep the designation. Without realizing it, I was preparing for the day when a job change became essential.

Where would I be now if I had been forced to find a new job and had not stayed current in my profession? How could I answer a prospective employer’s questions about my education in facility management? What could I offer to separate me from the pack? A CFM is more important than you think!”

Contributed by – Christine H. Neldon, CFM, IFMA Fellow, Regional Project Manager for Travelers
Distinguish yourself and assure professional excellence
Invest in your future, return on CFM expenses increase over time
Demonstrate your leadership and initiative
Advance your profession
Enhance your professional network
Assure quality and professional standards
Focus and map the professional development of staff
Increase marketability of your organization and offerings
Contribute to competitive advantage
Facility Management practitioners/ Managers
Designers and Safety Engineers
Operations and Maintenance
Project Management
Finance and Business
Leadership and Strategy
Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
Human Factors
Real Estate and Property Management
Candidates must meet education and work experience requirements outlined in one of the categories below in order to eligible to sit for the CFM Exam. Candidates will include this information in the CFM Exam application. Once the application is approved, individuals have 90 days to sit for the exam.

Master Degree / Bachelor Degree : 3 Year Experience
Other Degree: 5 Year Experience
Once your CFM Exam application and payment are submitted, IFMA will review your application and you will be notified of the outcome by email. The approval process may take up to 21 business days. Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions for registering for the exam. You will need to schedule and pass the exam. The CFM application should be completed only when you are sure that you are ready to sit for the exam. If you need assistance in determining whether your education and experience fit the exam requirements, please contact credentials@ifma.org

Competency-Based Exam
Timed: 4 Hours, 180 multiple choice questions
Delivered via Prometric Testing
70% correct to pass
$550 – for IFMA members
$815 -Non-members
11 Competency Areas which define the practice arena of competent facilities practitioners.

1. Communication—Communication plans and processes for both internal and external stakeholders
2. Technology— Facility management technology, workplace management systems
3. Finance & Business — Strategic plans, budgets, financial analyses, procurement
4. Quality —Best practices, process improvements, audits and measurements
5. Real Estate and Property Management —Real estate planning, acquisition, and disposition
6. Human Factors—Healthful and save the environment, security, FM employee development
7. Project Management—Oversight and management of all projects and related contracts
8. Leadership and Strategy—Strategic planning, organize, staff and lead organizations
9. Operations and Maintenance —Building operations and maintenance, occupant services
10. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity —Emergency and risk management plans and procedures(new competency )
11. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability—Sustainable
Led by an Experienced & Certified instructor
40 Hrs Virtual classroom environment
Complete Learning Materials
Unlimited Module wise Examination Simulation
Real Exam Simulation Exercises
Assistance for Application Process
Free Retrain until you pass the Exam,
100 % Guarantee Satisfaction



  18 - Jul - 2020
   7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  Saturday Only (40 Hrs)

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